Unity Community Development Corporation

Unity Community Development Corporation is a non profit organization which was
incorporated in 2007. Unity was created as a direct result of a study done by the City of
Joliet in conjunction with a number of community leaders from an underrepresented area
of Joliet located on the East and South sides of the city. These areas are located in the
4th and 5th Council Districts of the City and are referred to as the Planning Area for the
purposes of the Quality of Life Study. The Quality of Life study was undertaken in order
to measure holistically how the residents in the Planning Area were living in comparison
to other city, county and state residents.

The Quality of Life study determined as the result of the input of community leaders and
residents that the Planning Area was in dire need of assistance in the areas of

  • Employment, Training and other Human Services
  • Transportation
  • Neighborhood Level Organization
  • Housing and Commercial Development
  • Recreation/Education
  • Small Business Development.

For more information about Unity CDC and the quality of life plan, visit us at:

Unity Community Development Corporation
PO Box 1111
Joliet, IL 60433
Phone: 815-722-9200
Fax: 815-722-8559