Committees of the Community Services Council of Will County, Illinois, Inc.


Annual Meeting Committee (also known as the Banquet Committee)
This Committee is the responsibility of the Vice President. This Committee shall arrange for the place, the menu, the entertainment, the time for the annual meeting and awards ceremony and brief business session to provide for elections and such other matters as directed by the Board.

Bylaws Committee
This Committee shall review and update the By-laws when needed.

Historical Committee
This Committee shall maintain past records and keep historical accounts of the Council.

Membership Committee
This Committee shall have the responsibility of properly managing applications for membership and correspondence to the Council.

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee is appointed by the President of the Board and shall, at the annual meeting of the Council, submit two (2) nominees for the Board to serve three (3) years and shall also present a slate of officers as set forth in Article V, Officers. This Committee shall act in an advisory capacity to assist the President in filling vacancies. The Chairperson shall choose and convene the Ad Hoc Awards Committee as set forth in Article VI, C, ii Awards Committee.

Public Relations Committee
This Committee shall have the responsibility of using all media resources to inform and educate the public as well as its own members about the business, concerns, and actions of the Council.


Committee on Aging
This Committee shall devote its efforts to the problems and needs of the Senior citizens in Will County in accordance with the stated purposes of the Council.

Committee on Persons with Disabilities
This Committee shall work with the concerns and issues of all Persons with Disabilities in Will County in accordance with the stated purposes of the Council.

Legislation Committee
This Committee is charged with the responsibility of keeping informed on local, state and national legislation which pertains to the purpose of the Council and to communicate this information to the Council and/or the Board, as appropriate.

Scholarship Committee
This Committee identifies funds and/or resources to use for scholarships and determines the dollar amount of the scholarships annually. The committee distributes scholarship packets to the high schools in Will County. They review the applications and decide on the successful applicants based on a predetermined scoring system. The awards are presented at the annual banquet.


Audit Committee
This Committee is appointed by the President of the Council for the purpose of annually conducting an audit of the books prior to the beginning of the fiscal year.

Awards Committee
This Committee is chosen and convened by the Nominating Committee Chairperson. This Committee shall, from forms nominate an individual(s) and an agency(s) who have begun meeting a need; or modified their program for a changing need; or who have done outstanding service to the community, select the recipient(s) of the awards for recognition by the Council. This Committee shall also arrange for the plaques or certificates as directed by the Board.