Our Purpose

  • Sharing information with residents of Will County on the needs and resources available in the county.
  • Supporting the United Way by data gathering and sharing in the dissemination of information.
  • Supporting existing agencies and encouraging the formation of additional, appropriate agencies.

Operational Committees

  • Annual Meeting Committee
  • Bylaws Committee
  • Historical Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Public Relations Committee

Standing Committees

  • Committee on Aging
  • Committee on Persons with Disabilities
  • Legislation Committee
  • Scholarship Committee

Ad Hoc Committees

  • Audit Committee
  • Awards Committee


Philosophy Statement

Our philosophy is to exchange information, promote professional growth, anticipate needs and educate newly formed agencies for the benefit of residents of Will County.

Community Services Council share in the responsibility of addressing quality of life issues and recognizing that these needs can only be met through the cooperative effort of business, education, church, government and social service.